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Nederland is lekker

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When one is interested in travel, it is impossible not to be in contact with foreign languages. There are many beautiful languages in the world – and unfortunately also some who did not feel right in my ears.

addition to my own Scanian tongues I speak the American version of English pretty decent and can handle myself better than most in German. I can handle the Cyrillic alphabet well enough to read signs, etc. in Russian, and although I have not studied Spanish, I have picked up enough over the years to hold a simple conversation.

But one of those dreams where I is to learn a language that “no one” can be but are still useful in the world. I myself have realized that the most intelligent choice would have been Spanish but that can be anybody else. Thailand had also been fun to be able to boast, but it falls to the alphabet consists of 76 letters, where no one is near that resemble ours. Should I learn a language, I would be able to read and write it too, not just able to speak and understand a bit.

Then I found the idea of Dutch (Netherlands). Certainly not as prevalent in the world but quite original and also somewhat similar to Swedish, at least in terms of written language.

I have a Dutch friend on facebook and when she writes, you can sometimes understand without even an effort. So here she wrote the other week: “Winter ice waanzin, half day vrijnemen voor een uur effectieve surftijd.” One need not directly be rocket scientist to understand what she means but to be sure I will still translate: “Winter is a nonsense, take charge half the day for an hour of surfing time efficient.”

So it will perhaps take an evening course in Dutch to keep your brain in shape.

Here’s a list of languages which, in my opinion, not particularly beautiful:

first British English. Their protracted diphthongs makes me crazy. It is enough to listen to Oasis to understand what I mean.

second Finnish. For me it is incomprehensible that the Finns even understand each other when they talk.

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December 2nd, 2010 at 12:07 am

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